In the age of digital transformation, would you really make your client print something to sign it? 

Successful businesses optimising workflow processes are keeping up with the digital trends and you can too! 

Here are the top five reasons for why we believe adopting digital signature software into your workflow will transform the way you do business.

1. There are no physical barriers

No matter where your clients are, documents can be sent across different industries and can even be shared internationally. With agile working becoming the new norm, reliance on digital communication in the business world is expected. Electronic signature software allows documents to be stored, accessed and retrieved via cloud based storage which means teams have more flexibility to work wherever and whenever they please. 

2. Track your workflow

Among the many drivers for digital signature adoption is the ability for businesses to become more efficient. Electronic signature software allows users to track who has opened, signed, or returned a document. More importantly, you can determine who is holding you up and send a reminder email to follow up. 

3. Centralised document storage

By setting up Master Documents you will have quick access to documents that have repeat usage. Are you issuing regular invoices? Forget sorting through a filing cabinet to retrieve documents. One of the major benefits of electronic signature software is centralised document storage. Users can store templates, fill in the relevant fields and send to sign with a click of a button!

4. Get the information you need faster

Whether you are sending an invoice to get paid or providing employment documentation as part of a human resources workflow, document turnaround time is key. You won’t believe the time you save using electronic signature software when you don’t have the hassle of printing, scanning or having to meet in person.

5. Save the trees!

By using electronic signature software, not only are you reducing paper usage, there are also big cost savings for your business, from reducing paper and printing costs, to reducing the amount of time it takes to sign and collect payment from clients.

The average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year and 45% of paper printed in offices ends up in the bin by the end of the day. Electronic signature software offers a solution to the constant churn of documents and even provides a digital paper trail, allowing users to track all changes to the document and archive or delete the document when finished.

In the age of digital transformation, there is an increased emphasis placed on employees being more efficient, whilst reducing costs at the same time. So what are you waiting for? 

BeeSigned is an intuitive, user-friendly electronic signature software solution that will support your business’s integration of digital technology in a rapidly changing business environment. Don’t beelieve us? Have a look for yourself here