No one likes having to follow their customers up to sign and return their forms. In BeeSigned you can set your forms up with expiration dates and reminder emails that will get sent to your customers in the days preceding the expiration date. This happens in the fourth step of sending a form to be signed. On the left hand side, scroll all the way to the bottom, to the expiration section. Here, you can set how many days before the document needs to expire. The system will default to 30 – I’m going to set this one to 14. I can now see  when the document is going to expire and when the signer is going to be reminded. You can customise the reminder emails, by clicking on the cog here. I’m just going to remind  my signer the day before. If you don’t want this feature, simply click ‘Disable’. You’ll never need to follow your customers up again. BeeSigned does all the work for you!