Use Cases

BeeSigned for Construction

Provide the best contracting experience for your clients by using BeeSigned.

Our easy to use Master Documents allow you to quickly create professional quotes that customers can electronically sign in minutes.

How can you use BeeSigned for Construction Projects?

Did you know that large construction projects take 20% longer to finish than expected, and are up to 80% over budget? One of the main reasons for this is because of poor contract management! BeeSigned is an easy to use workflow tool that can help you stick to budget and important project deadlines.

Do you use a standardised template when providing a quote?

Reusable quote templates can be created to save you time and get jobs started earlier. You can even pre-fill the cost of labour and materials so you don’t have to start over every time you provide a quote for a job. BeeSigned understands that getting contracts signed can take days, if not weeks which is why we have created a solution so you can get important quotes and contracts back in hours.

Amend quotes, orders and contracts in real time to avoid project delays. Access an envelope’s audit trail to keep track of how much time has elapsed since a quote was provided. Get notified when the recipient opens the document and when it is signed and returned.

Talk to a BeeSigned representative about how we support businesses operating in the construction industry.

Use Cases

  • Project Quotes
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Material Orders
  • Supplier Contracts

BeeSigned for Human Resources

E-Signatures are now a must-have tool in all HR departments!

Traditional wet-ink signatures are now impractical in any hiring process and there are so many upsides to taking all of your forms digital.
Employee paperwork is the #1 most time consuming task that slows down productivity within the HR industry. Whether employment agencies, administration teams or talent scouts manage documents for your organisation, operational efficiency is crucial. More importantly, for legal purposes, organisations place a great emphasis on timely, correct, and complete documentation.

How Master Documents will Revolutionise your Workday

Are you sending a high volume of documents that need to be auto-populated? Create the document once and resend it as many times as you need.

Employers are finding themselves in the situation where physical signatures are no longer needed on documents… especially where employees are now working remotely.

BeeSigned was Made to Support Collaboration

BeeSigned knows that it takes a team of individuals to attract and retain top talent which is why unlimited users can use the same account. Everyone in your admin team can access the same templates, track which team members’ are opening or editing which documents, and add custom branding to the envelopes you send.

Are you sick of going back and forth? Send all employee onboarding documents in the one batch!

Growth for your business means hiring new employees; fortunately, BeeSigend can help make the recruiting process easier than ever with free downloadable templates.

Use Cases

  • Tax File Number Declaration
  • Employment Agreement
  • Superannuation Nomination
  • Payee Details/ Bank Nominations
Talk to a BeeSigned representative about how we can make administration tasks more efficient!

What are the benefits of using BeeSigned for human resources tasks?

Add as many people in your office as you need

We understand that it takes a big team to run a business. That’s why BeeSigned offers unlimited users.

Do you have multiple administrative staff processing documents? You can all access the same account with an individual log in so you can see which team member is sending documents to different clients or prospective employees.

Keep track of your documents with a legally binding audit trail

Have you ever heard of the term ‘audit trail’? It is a chronological order reflecting all interactions with a document.

You will even receive notifications when your documents are viewed and signed so you can stay up-to-date!

Create & pre-fill Master Documents

Are you sending the same ATO forms or employee agreements when onboarding staff on a regular basis?

Pre-fill a Master Document once and it can be used again and again without having to restart every time!

BeeSigned for Professional Services

Professional services personnel need professional software

Create the best experience for your clients with a fast turnaround and easy to read client-facing documents.

Professional services can include many things but one thing all professional services have in common is the need for high value customer interactions.

Whether you are in an accounting team, financial planning group or law firm, invoicing and statements are one of the most time consuming tasks. BeeSigned is on a mission to re-think every workflow and find more efficient ways to process documents.

Security is Key!

With the amount of confidential information that is collected during the provision of any professional services, there is no doubt that security is your number one priority.

In addition to being the most affordable e-signature software on the market, BeeSigned is also a highly secure platform with the option to add a signer access code to your forms and documents as an extra layer of protection.

Use Cases

  • Business Proposals
  • Scope of Work
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes


Negotiate, send and sign contracts all in one platform!


Get documents signed faster with the convenience and security of legally binding eSignatures.


Get jobs done faster. Create send & sign your qoutes online with ease.


Collect information and store it all in one place!

BeeSigned for Real Estate

Close real estate deals easier, faster and cheaper
with BeeSigned.

Learn how BeeSigned takes the stress out of signing contracts for real estate professionals and home buyers
There is enough stress around getting contracts signed which is why real estate agents choose BeeSigned to simplify the process and close more deals. BeeSigned is simple to use for listings, offers, counter offers and anything else that needs to be sent or signed.

Stay on-track with an audit trail

Our intuitive interface will show you the status of your documents so you can track the progress of a deal with the click of a button. We will even notify you once the document has been signed to seal the deal.

Security for your clients

BeeSigned understands that the biggest concern for real estate agent’s is keeping client information confidential. Privacy, confidentiality and security is our top priority and we pride ourselves on the reliability of our platform.

BeeSigned’s legally binding e-signatures will save your agency time and money but more importantly, you will have very happy clients on both ends of the deal.

Use Cases

  • Lease Agreements
  • Offer to Purchase
  • Rent Agreements
  • Contract of Sale

Talk to a BeeSigned representative about how we can make administration tasks more efficient!

Simplify your workflow with electronic signatures

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