Although an utterly paperless planet may be an unrealistic dream, minimising our paper use and embracing technology can bring tremendous benefits to the health of our environment.

Current Paper Production

Our daily activities often include filing papers at the office, picking up mail from the letterbox, writing a shopping list, and reading a magazine or brochure. Maybe it doesn’t feel like that much, but the average office worker continues to use 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. And that’s just one person. With 45% of this paper ending up trashed by the end of the day, it is impossible to ignore that we can’t keep up with our current paper production.

Growing with Technology

Recent developments and enhancements to software and devices can now allow us to go completely paperless if we want to. Social sites, mobile devices and cloud software all increase productivity and decrease the need for resources; a critical factor in ‘going green.’

Technology continues to change the way we live. By adopting already existing methods, we can continue to reduce our impact and reap the many benefits of a paperless planet. As digital technology expands, we naturally reduce our cluttered desks and houses. Our bags are also becoming lighter with the capability to store all our essentials into a single device.

Time to Move On

Sure, many people have a sentimental relationship with the physical feel of opening up a newspaper. However, after analysing the amount of destruction paper inflicts on our planet,   that sentimentality no longer has a place. Every year, two billion books, 350 million magazines, and 24 billion newspapers are published. If everyone read by tablet, around 250 million trees could be saved a year in the USA alone.

Did you know that 17 trees are used in the production of one tonne of bond paper alone? And printing paper means much more environmental harm than the loss of trees alone. Hundreds of thousands of litres of oil and water are also consumed as landfill and energy.

As paperless options are now readily available for business, there’s no longer an excuse not to break the continued use of office paper and paper-based processes. Implementing a document transaction management solution will not only save our forests, it makes economic sense.

As going paperless opens a world of environmental savings, more people are making the switch to a paperless or partly paperless business every day. Finally, we’re seeing a trend towards paper processes becoming a minor part of our daily routine, and we hope that the adoption rate continues to increase.

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