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What is BeeSigned?
BeeSigned is an electronic signature and digital document application that allows users to send and sign documents electronically.
Do signers need to have a BeeSigned account to sign Documents?
No. Signers receive a link to documents in their email. They do not need to have a BeeSigned account, and it costs nothing for them to sign and return documents to you.
Can I upload documents into my BeeSigned account?

You can use the ‘Self Upload’ feature to add documents from your computer. You can add signature, text, date and check box fields to have them completed online.

Can I send a document to more than one person and get them all to sign?

BeeSigned allows you to add up to 5 signatories onto a document. You can even allocate only certain parts of the document to them, so they have their own area to sign and fill in.
You can also send the same document to multiple people in our unique ‘Batch Send’ feature.

What do I do if a recipient did not receive the document email?

Confirm the email address was entered correctly. Ask the recipient to check their spam folder. You can ask the recipient to add the domain to their list of accepted domains if they have an IT department. If they still cannot find the email, you can resend the document by reverting it to a draft and then resending it.

What if the person I send a form to doesn’t have a touchscreen?
They can e-sign with a mouse or type their name in the signature field.
Can I print or download forms?
All forms can be downloaded and printed. Some clients choose to download and store their forms separate to the BeeSigned system.
Can I keep my forms and branding on them?
All of your forms in BeeSigned will retain the same look, feel and dimensions as your original documents.
What if I want to change a form?
If you want to update or change a form, simply email us the updated version in PDF, Word, image format or Excel, and we’ll do the authoring for you. You can upload your own individual documents using the Self Upload feature.
Can you design new forms for me?
BeeSigned’s designers can consult with you to design new forms.
I want to cancel my 12 Month subscription. Are there any cancellation fees?
There are no contracts or minimum terms with our plans, however, if you have pre-paid for an annual plan, the remaining unused months will be forfeited.
Is there any limit on the number of users I can create in my account.
You may set up as many users as you like. Each user will be charged a subscription fee.
What happens to my data if I unsubscribe?
All of your data is kept as long as you are a subscriber. If you cancel your subscription, you have the option of downloading or printing your forms to save them into another system or file.
Can I pay upfront for the year?
Yes. BeeSigned offers the option to pay up front for the year at a discounted rate compared to our monthly pricing.
Will my subscription be renewed automatically?
Yes. Automatic renewal takes place unless you change or cancel your account. Changes and cancellations can be made in a matter of seconds from your account settings.
What is an electronic signature?
An electronic signature (e-signature) is a simple, easy and legal way to get consent or approval on documents or forms online or on an electronic device. This type of signature provides the same legal standing as a handwritten signature (subject to various laws).
What are electronic signatures used for?
E-signatures are used both personally and commercially in contracts and agreements, forms and orders, and much more.
Are there any legal precedents set for acceptance of electronic signatures?
E-Signatures have been tested and have been successfully held up as enforceable in legal cases in many countries. Thousands of organisations around the world use e-signatures as a standard part of their business processes.
Why do you delete the signatures on a document if it is resent to be signed?
To change the content on a document once a signature has been added would be to invalidate the document. In the event that the accompanying data has been changed BeeSigned deletes the signatures to protect the integrity of the transaction.

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