HR can take a pounding regarding the amount of time it takes to keep up with urgent staff management requests, OHS issues, varying recruitment workloads, changing document legislation and much more. The requirement to have everything documented quickly puts more strain on HR than many other departments. Therefore it is essential that HR is well equipped to simplify document workflow.

From recruitment and onboarding to training, policy implementation and even payroll, HR has one of the most critical workflow demands that affects all of the surrounding departments. That’s why many companies are turning to digital document solutions like BeeSigned to speed up compliance, approval and communication processes.

Quickly access, process and reference forms with BeeSigned

BeeSigned allows HR to quickly access, process and reference forms such as:

  • Job offers;
  • Recruitment and onboarding forms;
  • Company policies;
  • Expense forms;
  • Leave and maternity forms;
  • Performance and disciplinary letters.

HR doesn’t operate in a silo; the department works closely with many other departments and often has a direct hand in their development. Therefore, digital document solutions such as BeeSigned can have enormous benefits regarding the ability to link other departments’ processes and allowing for complete information connection. BeeSigned also makes life easier for the people they deal with, who now often expect online documentation.

Streamline your document workflow with BeeSigned

BeeSigned for HR helps:

  • Ensure that there is no delay in getting critical signatures on contracts, letters and forms;
  • Speed up the recruitment and onboarding process;
  • File expense claims on time;
  • Notifications to be sent to groups of users at one time, keeping the approval chain moving without a drain on HR staffs’ valuable time.

BeeSigned also allows for batch sending of documents, which will enable you to send hundreds of documents to individual signers all at once. Batch sending improves efficiency and allows HR managers to update changed company policy documents, for example, in one easily managed transaction.

Enabling documents to be completed online improves productivity and efficiency for many departments. However, HR’s dependency on document approval and compliance means a digital document and an electronic signature solution like BeeSigned has undisputed power to transform paper workflows for the better.

Get in touch with the team at BeeSigned to find out how we can help improve your HR workflow processes.