You can now setup your own documents for electronic signing in under a minute.

With thanks to the feedback you’re giving us we’re always improving the BeeSigned software. In our newest version we’ve added the ability to upload and add signing capability to your own documents and also to set ‘Required fields”, which means that signers must fill them out before they can send the document back to you.

Upload your own is perfect for those “once-off” documents like contracts, letters and even documents you receive that require you to sign them. Imagine not having to print out forms that need your own signature on them – you might never need a printer again!

Unlike ‘Master Documents’, which are standard forms used over and over again, uploading your own document is best for documents that you only need to use once. Pre-filled out contracts and even forms generated in other systems that need signing can be placed into BeeSigned, a signature field added to it and even combined with other documents you already have in BeeSigned.

Required fields are great for ensuring that a signer fills in all of the parts of a document that you need to make sure are filled in. 

How does it work?

To upload your own document click on the Send to Sign section. Then click the Add a Document button. Instead of selecting a Master document, select the Upload your own button. On your list of files, find the document you want to use and open it. Note that you can only upload files in PDF format that are smaller than 3MB. You can also choose to send the uploaded document along with any Master Documents already in the system. Once you’ve selected the recipients to sign the document, click Next.

How do I add the signature field?

The next page will allow you to add 3 different types of fields to your document by dragging, dropping and arranging them onto it. The fields available to place onto your document with are:

  • Text Box
  • Date Picker
  • Signature

Select the field type you’d like, then click on the document to place it. You can move, resize, delete and arrange fields once you’ve added them to the document.


Once you have finished designing the document, click Next to be taken to the regular fill and configure view.

Required Fields

You can now also set fields as ‘Required’. When a form has required fields, the recipient cannot submit the form until all those fields have been completed. This will ensure that no signatures or other important information is left blank.

To set a field as required, click the Field Settings button. Click on the fields you wish to mark as required, then tick the Field is required box. Once you’ve chosen all the fields you want marked as required, click Done.

Required fields for Formaliti documents

Well I hope that makes life even easier for you. If you have any thoughts or feedback we’d love to hear from you so feel free to email me personally on


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