Security Features

How do we protect your data and privacy?

We have designed the BeeSigned infrastructure around industry best practices and experience gained from working for organisations with some of the world’s highest traffic websites.


To ensure maximum availability, along with the security and integrity of our customer’s data we have multiple layers of security and redundancy built into the infrastructure that hosts the BeeSigned web application.

multiple web servers

We have multiple web servers located in different data centers, so in the event of an outage at one location, our automated monitoring infrastructure will detect a failure and automatically redirect traffic to an alternate location.

standard 256-bit SSL encryption

All interactions between the customer and our hosting environment are encrypted with industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption, so no traffic is ever passed over the public Internet in clear text.


We also replicate all our storage across data centers so, in the event of an automated failover or disaster recovery scenario, our customers still have access to all their data.

256-bit encryption key

On the back-end of our infrastructure, all storage volumes are encrypted with a unique 256-bit encryption key, which ensures that a third party is unable to view contents if they somehow obtains access to a storage volume.


Finally, all changes to our software and infrastructure are managed using automation and version control with a full history of all changes made and by who, and the ability to revert any changes.

256-bit encryption key

All of our file storage and database back-end infrastructure is on a secure private network and has no access from the public internet. External staff access to the back-end infrastructure for maintenance is done via a secure VPN (virtual private network) which is protected with 2048 bit RSA encryption and requires individual unique client certificates to access.