Password Protect your Workflow


One lesson we have learnt whilst living and working in a technological revolution is that the biggest roadblock when it comes to the diffusion of innovation is concern for personal security. On a daily basis, companies are gathering, storing or sharing personal information including bank details, medical information, license numbers and ATO identifiers.


Do you like the idea of having an extra layer of security when it comes to sending forms? Perhaps there is confidential information that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Our customers’ security is our top priority at BeeSigned which is why we created the option to password protect your forms and documents as an extra layer of protection. 


To ensure you are making your electronic signing interactions as secure as possible, set your documents up with a Signer Access Code and the person that needs to sign the document will receive a PIN to their mobile, which they will need to enter every time they access the document.


Why do I need extra security when sending documents for signing? 


BeeSigned is a safe platform and only users with access to your BeeSigned account will be able to upload or author Master Documents and send to sign. However, when a document is sent to be signed via email, anyone with that link embedded in the email can open the form, read its contents and submit their data. Whilst this is not an issue for some users who are confident they are sending the envelope to the correct email, if there is important pre-filled information that only specific individuals are permitted to view, it is a good idea to protect your form with a Signer Access Code.


How long does it take to set up?


To put it into perspective, adding an extra layer of security to your documents is as simple as clicking a button which ultimately, provides peace of mind for your business.  


To make the process even easier for you, the Signer Access Code does not need to be communicated to the signer by you, the sender. It is a randomly generated code that goes straight to the signer. As always, the sender can still access the document from the backend and also view the audit trail to keep track of when the signer receives the code and when they open the document. 


Setting up a Signer Access Code


Setting up a Singer Access Code is as easy as flicking a switch! 


Initially, you will have selected ‘Send to Sign’ and chosen which documents you wish to include in the envelope. At this stage, you will be given an opportunity to author the document with any information you wish to pre-fill. By clicking next, you will be taken to the final stage where you can enter the recipient’s information. To add a Signer Access Code, scroll down on the left hand side and you will have the option to “turn on” this feature. Enter the mobile number of the signers who will receive a message containing their unique PIN which they will need to access the document. 


Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your Signer Access Code:

  • The Signer Access Code is a six-digit combination of letters and numbers.
  • The Signer Access Code is case-sensitive. 
  • The person receiving the code will receive a text to their mobile number which was entered by the sender.


What happens if I enter the incorrect phone number for the recipient and they don’t receive the code? 


For security reasons, we do not allow code retrieval. Instead, there is an option to “Send Again” and another unique code will be generated and sent to the nominated mobile number for the recipient. 


If the mobile number is incorrect or needs to be changed for any reason, this will need to be updated under “Contacts”. The Contacts section can be found in the top panel and you can search for the relevant contact name. Clicking on the name field will allow you to edit the contact details, including the mobile number, and save new information. Once this is updated, you can click resend and the Signer Access Code will be sent to the updated mobile number.


Say YES to Security!


When you digitally transform your workflow it is important to make sure you are protecting the personal information you collect as a business. If you are requesting important information from an employee, client or customer which may be considered “sensitive information”, BeeSigned is a safer alternative which still allows you to capitalise on the benefits of going paperless.


Do you have important documents you need to get signed? Choose BeeSigned and protect everyone involved with our embedded security features. 


If you require assistance setting up password protection for the documents you send, book in a time to speak to a BeeSigned Customer Representative.