No matter what industry or department you work in, BeeSigned will make your life easier by creating more efficient workflows. With features like unlimited users and audit trails, we guarantee BeeSigned will improve the way your team collaborates.


Do you have multiple staff members working on the same documents?


The great thing about BeeSigned is that everyone in your team can use the same account! We will often see admin teams needing to send out the same Master Documents or follow up with clients of the business. This is why having unlimited users access the one account is so beneficial (not to mention the cost saving!).


Do some members of your team work remotely?


The solutions we offer aim to improve workforce productivity whether teams are working in-person or remotely. There are many benefits for adopting e-signature tools into your workflow, especially where you have employees working remotely. BeeSigned offers a centralised space to store and retrieve documents. You can also ensure that workflows are visible to all team members.


We understand that collaboration is key in any business which is why BeeSigned allows teams to track where agreements are, fostering teamwork, communication and a faster turn-around time.


Are you concerned about introducing new digital solutions into an existing workflow?


Our easy to use interface means your team will feel empowered and ready to take on any task without the need for IT support. There is no training needed to start uploading documents on BeeSigned; however, if you do get stuck, there are a suite of how-to videos which can get you up and running in no time!


It is also important to remember that digital transformation isn’t always about the implementation of new technology. It is about the end goal of providing a better customer experience. Implementing an e-signature platform like BeeSigned might also be part of a broader business strategy to improve overall employee efficiency.


Do you want to invest in customer experience without spending huge dollars?


After moving to e-signing, your organisation will never look back! Businesses that are committed to providing the best agreement experience are all using e-signature software. This is due to the automation of manual document processes which are inefficient and out-dated. 


The usual concern standing in the way of more businesses adopting e-signature solutions is the cost it can add to your business. BeeSigned is on a mission to make e-singing accessible for everyone whether it is for personal use, small businesses or large organisations looking to send hundreds of documents every month. That is why BeeSigned is the cheapest e-signature software you will find on the market but that doesn’t mean you will compromise on features. All subscription levels have unlimited users and there is no “feature lock out” for larger subscriptions.


What are some ways BeeSigned is used by small-medium sized businesses?


Frequently sent forms in the construction industry:

  • Quotes
  • Material Orders
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Supplier Contracts


Frequently sent forms in the real estate industry:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Rent Agreements
  • Offer to Purchase
  • Contract of Sale


Frequently sent forms in the human resources industry:

  • Tax file Number Declaration
  • Superannuation Nomination
  • Employment Agreement
  • Payee Details/ Bank Nomination


With over half a million documents sent on BeeSigned, there is no question whether this is the right tool for your team! Still not totally convinced? Why not try it out by sending documents for free (there’s no catch!). 


Do you need help getting your business affiliated with online document workflows and e-signatures? Talk to a BeeSigned representative to start signing for free.