Transitioning between jobs is undeniably a stressful time for new employees and current staff, but it doesn’t have to be chaotic. Piling up recruits with a succession of nearly 20 onboarding forms and stuffing them into an induction room on their first day has been a common practice in the past, but it’s quickly on the way out. Sure, the traditional method puts all the paperwork in one place, but it’s hardly a warm welcome to new employees and forms still get lost! It doesn’t have to be this way. Many workplaces are already using streamlined document management software for their onboarding processes. Improve user experiences of new staff and simplifying onboarding processes with BeeSigned.

Signatures In Seconds

BeeSigned makes it easy for anyone on your team to complete forms anywhere in seconds. The digital document management software allows your HR department to:

  • Collect candidate and employee signatures.
  • Make it simple for candidates and employees to sign and return contracts, from any Internet-connected device.
  • Send a document to one or hundreds of signers at once.
  • Add all documents in one interaction – applications forms, privacy statements, employee contracts, superannuation, fair work statements, tax file declarations.
  • Allow candidates to add documents when returning their applications. Driver’s licence copies, statements of attainment, references, etc. can all be added and returned to you digitally.
  • Automatically deliver PDF copies of signed contracts to all parties.

With BeeSigned, HR can use the batch sending feature to send onboarding documents out to multiple new employees. Document progress is tracked, and automatic reminders are sent at set times. New employees can sign and submit their onboarding forms on any device with the touch of a button and are sent a final copy of the document after it is reviewed.

BeeSigned’s HR Features

BeeSigned allows you to send, track, and access documents quickly. Features allow you to:

  • Keep real-time track of document status. Know exactly when it’s opened, viewed, and signed.
  • Stay on top of candidates and employees to ensure quick signings & compliance.
  • Store and archive signed offer letters, NDAs, policy acknowledgements, and benefits documents in the cloud. Retrieve them whenever you need.
  • Automatically maintain an audit trail of every signed document’s history.
  • Filter and search past forms by candidate or employee name to find what you’re looking for fast.
  • Meet the growing expectations of job seekers that they can do everything digitally, further enhancing your reputation before they even begin on their first day.
  • Have all onboarding documents completed before a candidate even begins in your business.

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