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Human Resources

E-Signatures are now a must-have tool in all HR departments!

Traditional wet-ink signatures are now impractical in any hiring process and there are so many upsides to taking all of your forms digital.


Employee paperwork is the #1 most time consuming task that slows down productivity within the HR industry. Whether employment agencies, administration teams or talent scouts manage documents for your organisation, operational efficiency is crucial. More importantly, for legal purposes, organisations place a great emphasis on timely, correct, and complete documentation.

How Master Documents will Revolutionise your Workday

Are you sending a high volume of documents that need to be auto-populated? Create the document once and resend it as many times as you need.

Employers are finding themselves in the situation where wet-ink signatures are no longer needed on documents… especially where employees are now working remotely.


BeeSigned was made to Support Collaboration


BeeSigned knows that it takes a team of individuals to attract and retain top talent which is why unlimited users can use the same account. Everyone in your admin team can access the same templates, track which team members’ are opening or editing which documents, and add custom branding to the envelopes you send.

Are you sick of going back and forth? Send all employee onboarding documents in the one batch!

Growth for your business means hiring new employees; fortunately, BeeSigned can help make the recruiting process easier than ever.

Use Cases

Tax File Number Declaration

Superannuation Nomination

Employment Agreement

Payee Details/
Bank Nominations

What are the benefits of using BeeSigned for
human resources tasks?

Add as many people in your office as you need

We understand that it takes a big team to run a business. That’s why BeeSigned offers unlimited users.

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Keep track of your documents with a legally binding audit trail

Have you ever heard of the term ‘audit trail’? It is a chronological order reflecting all interactions with a document.

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Create & pre-fill Master Documents

Are you sending the same ATO forms or employee agreements when onboarding staff on a regular basis?

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Simplify your workflow with electronic signatures

Join the revolution