How your Sales Team will Sell More with Electronic Signatures
November 29, 2021
Did you know that 65% of sales contracts sent to prospective clients are never returned?

Even when you think you may have sealed the deal, the biggest hurdle is getting a legally binding signature.

The number one priority for sales professionals is to close deals faster which requires teams to stay on top of the customer lifecycle. It is all about improving the customer experience right from the first conversation through to the pitch and of course, the all important close. 

Anything that shortens the sales cycle for a sales based team will result in more deals and facilitate a quicker and easier way to accept payment. BeeSigned is a big win for small businesses looking to fast-track revenue growth.

Businesses are under more pressure to keep up with paychecks which requires closing more deals, faster. If you are feeling this pressure we have good news for you… other e-signature providers have revealed that you can shorten your sales cycle up to 400% with electronic signatures.

Increase productivity in your sales team

One of the most time consuming tasks for any sales team is the sales related admin. Did you know that feature rich e-signature software can automate key activities like sending contracts out for signature and reminding prospects to sign. 

It will also simplify the signature request process when multiple parties are involved. Forget drafting endless emails, send documents to multiple parties at the same time with batch sending!

Did you know signing electronically actually makes customers HAPPY?

As consumers, whether you are making a big or small purchase, there is always the need to sign off on something. It is so important to consider user experience in order to stand out from your competitors, in any industry. From the way we book a hotel, order a cab or even buy groceries, society as a whole has become reliant on digital solutions to make tasks more convenient. 

Businesses must make an extra effort to ensure that they are providing the best experience across every single CX touchpoint that exists. Right from when you initiate contact with a potential customer through to collecting the final signature, every interaction matters. Creating a smoother buying experience reduces cognitive dissonance by reducing the back and forth exchange involved where there is excessive amounts of paperwork.

Avoid sales slipping through the cracks!

You would think that after working hard to win over a prospective customer and sending a sales contract to be signed that it would be returned right away. However, in reality that is often not the case. Even after sending a contract for sale, quote or deal to a customer, 65% of the time, sales teams won’t hear back from a potential customer.

Although this is a disheartening statistic, there are ways to prevent this from happening. By making all of your proposals digital, you will reap the benefits of document tracking features and easily stay on top of prospective clients so they don’t slip through the cracks! 

The inbuilt audit trail is an easy way to track documents and helps sales teams to understand how many times a document has been viewed. This provides an opportunity to prompt the customer with a personalised message, preventing the deal from falling into the “too hard basket”.

Easily get everyone’s signatures

Often the reason why sales will only get so far before they fizzle out is because, for the most part, you aren’t dealing with the key decision-maker until the end of the deal. Studies have shown that up to seven people can be involved in one business-related decision. This is because it can be a time consuming process with significant effects on a business’ bottom line. 

Electronic signature technology with built-in audit trails helps identify who is the decision maker in any one deal by showing who the document is sent to, who accesses the document and how many times the document is opened/ revised by the receiver. This is key information which can be used to identify who needs to be pursued to seal the deal.

Book in a time to speak with our Client Success Manager about how BeeSigned can help your team to stay productive while working remotely. We guarantee that e-signature tools are there to support your sales process at the most crucial stages.

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