Administration is a necessity for any business to function successfully; but did you know that on average, Australian businesses spend up an astonishing 567 hours on admin alone every year – this equates to a total of 81 days per year. The average Australian business, spends a total of $79,000 per annum on administration costs alone.

One of the easiest ways to lighten your workload is to get someone else to do it! Hiring a specialist is a viable option that will allow you to spend your time developing the other aspects of your business, making sales and engaging with your clients. This is a great option for those with the financial capacity to bring on another staff member; however, it may not be the best option for a small or medium-sized business. Training existing staff is a great way to work around this financial cost! It may take some time for them to familiarise themselves with your processes, but the payoff will benefit your business and help speed up your employees’ own professional development.

If hiring a specialist isn’t an option for you, then making sure you plan and put aside enough time for your business’ processes is essential. So much time can be saved with a little planning, having set time periods for completing tasks can ensure that you remain focussed and on-track. Know what’s important and make sure that you’re able to do that, instead of any less important tasks that might be on your mind.

Not all of these options are viable for every business, hiring a specialist or delegating to inexperienced employees can be costly and finding the time to do these processes yourself can also feel impossible! The simplest solution for these problems is to reconsider the software you’re using in your business. Effective software has the ability to lessen the financial and operational drain on your business and employees, freeing up staff and ensuring you’ve got more time for what you’d rather be doing.

These are some of the best ways to improve the speed of your administration processes, but not all of them work for every business. Hiring a specialist can be expensive and delegating to your employees may require additional training, this can be a lengthy and frustrating process and may cost your business extra time and money. In Australia, some businesses are reluctant to turn to software as a solution to these issues. Some see software as complex, expensive and time-consuming to set-up; however, this is not the case, software solutions have the ability to save you money, are more consistent than manual processes and offer the opportunity to free-up staff members for other tasks. BeeSigned is by far the best platform to achieve this, BeeSigned offers a secure and reliable method of sending and receiving digital signatures, offers automatic reminders for important tasks and processes, is legally compliant and offers online storage so that you’ll never lose an important document again. Small steps like this improve the productivity of your workforce, benefiting your business and even the Australian economy. In fact, a nationwide boost in productivity of just 4.9% could increase the GDP of Australia by at least $31.8 billion per year. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself going and invest in a digital signature software today!