The advent and growth of the internet has spurred innovation and change in the world of business and e-commerce. There are more opportunities than ever before, opportunities for your business to thrive and for your product to reach new audiences and markets. In saying this, there are some unexpected consequences and barriers to conducting business online. Contracts, agreements and quotes are still a necessity and the antiquated methods of getting these documents signed are hampering your business and costing you in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Saving 1: Old Methods Take More Time

In this era of business, it’s often difficult to get a document signed. People have places to go and people to see; it’s a busy life and getting a document to someone to sign can be difficult. In fact, after factoring in all of the involvement from administrators and signatories, getting a document signed can take as much as 90 minutes per agreement; even worse, getting these papers returned can take days and sometimes weeks. This is where digital signatures can help. Digital signatures are a quick and easy way of getting any document signed, it can be sent to anyone at any time and returned quickly. They can be used in a variety of industries and for a number of purposes, sending a quote to a client or a claim form to your insurer all while saving countless hours of your free time!

Saving 2: Traditional Methods Cost More Money

Using the traditional pen and paper method of signing takes a lot of time and, as they say, time is money! There are many ways that physical documents affect your bottom line; for instance, physical forms require money for ink, paper, filing and mailing costs. These are the direct costs of the old-school method, but there are also a number of indirect costs that you might not have considered. Managing paper creates more work for your employees, distracting them from tasks and acting as a barrier to accomplishing their objectives. Any sales team would love to spend less time drawing-up agreements and filing documents, and more time contacting customers, negotiating and establishing business relationships with new clients. By switching to digital, you can prevent all of this, saving yourself money and increasing your productivity.

Saving 3: Changing Customer Expectations

As the times change, so do your customers. Expectations have evolved, and consumers are quicker than ever to take their business elsewhere. You can’t afford to appear outdated and must take steps to make your client’s experience as easy as possible. Paper documents aren’t helping, they’re slowing things down and making the customer’s experience worse. Digital signatures create a great opportunity to prevent this, providing a quick, professional and effective way of closing deals and finalising transactions.

Saving 4: Costing You Growth

Finally, the traditional methods of document signing could also be slowing down the growth of your business. Processes are slow and require a lot of manual labour and input from staff, these employees are already busy and often struggle with the workload of creating invoices, quotes and other important documents. These aspects of business are actively slowing your growth, hindering your ability to handle more sales and the relationships you have with your clients. Digital signature software has the capacity to address these issues, providing a central point where all of your templates and documents can be stored and easily accessed by staff. Not only this, but you’ll be able to get your deals done quicker with the much faster turnaround time and ease of use, allowing your business to grow and thrive!

Sending a physical document is wasting so much of your precious time, printing contracts is creating avoidable costs for your business and consumer expectations are changing. These issues are costing you, preventing you from achieving your goals and your business from growing. Well, the best way to prevent this is by finding the right digital signature software for your business! Digital signatures will allow you to save money, save time, adapt to changing consumer expectations and grow your business.