When I started my career in HR, one thing I realised is there is a huge amount of documents we have to deal with everyday and the process of routing for signatures, memo, filing, etc. In HR it is imperative to be so diligent in following up, monitoring, and ensuring the storage on your documentation is exceptional. Years ago the consumption of paper was terribly concerning not just in terms of waste and cost but in terms of the impact to our environment. Paper just seemed to be a necessity both in the moment but also for future reference meaning you had to keep paperwork safe and secure for future reference.

When we moved to a paperless, electronic platform it certainly changed the game and made a huge difference in the way we handled documents, assisting us to be more efficient, saving us both time and ultimately office space. We also found the online storage provided our business with the security to easily track our documents. Making the change to a digital signature and document management platform has definitely had a positive change to how we work.

There are a plethora of e-signature providers available on the market, and throughout my career I have had an opportunity to try a couple of them. Of all of the digital signature programs the one that has delivered the simplest user experience is BeeSigned. Here are the three key reasons I love and recommend BeeSigned for any HR professional:

1. Simple to use

The first time I used BeeSigned, I was fascinated how simple it was to move around the software. It is quick and simple to understand how to use it, because all of the elements are placed logically and therefore makes the user experience self explanatory. I find their customer service team supportive, which gives me a deeper reassurance of the platform. I constantly receive messages from people saying how much they enjoyed using it – often followed by “is that really all I have to do?”.

2. Fast turn around and automatic reminders

Once you have authored documents and created templates such as contracts, authorisation letters, acknowledgement letters, you send them out to recipients with a deadline for completion. They will receive automatic reminders, so that you dont have to remember to send them saving follow up time.

3. Digitally secured and accessible

I don’t mean to exaggerate, but having thousands of documents, imagine the amount of papers you have to keep secure or even look for when you need to retrieve something! What if it was from more than a year or many years ago? Which storage box would it be in. With BeeSigned, you just need to go to the right folder, search for the document or recipient and download a copy again, easy as one, two, three. Not only efficient but safe and secure especially when you are dealing with people’s personal information.

Try this:

When you have thousands of documents, it can take a long time to find the one you are looking for. With BeeSigned, you just need to go to the folder, search for the document and you have it within moments. It’s efficient, safe and secure, which is so important when you are dealing with people’s personal information.

BeeSigned is a piece of heaven for HR when it comes to document handling and safe storage. As a brand, the simplicity is not just about the digital signature software, it is about the ease of navigating so that for our team and our applicants the experience is seamless end to end. BeeSigned positively impacts my brand by delivering effectively as it’s easier, smart and lightning fast.

It’s true what they say… if you need a document to be signed, try BeeSigned!