When people think of traditional contract signing, usually printers, faxes and document couriers come to mind. In the modern era of online communications, led by the impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic, there is an easier way to transact and remove the hassle of disinfecting every surface that is handled throughout the process. 

Whilst electronic signing used to be a convenience that was “nice to have” it has now become mandatory in some workplaces in order to avoid touching communal surfaces. Maintaining hygiene is now the number one priority for businesses and so is leading the way in digital transformation to stay ahead of the curve.

One industry reaping the benefits of e-signature software is the real estate sector. Who knew buying and selling houses could all be done online! Agents all over the world are doing away with the tedious process of driving around to pick up contracts and converse with solicitors in the process.

Real estate agreements can now be signed anywhere, anytime.

Not only is it important to keep your contracts “healthy”, when it comes to the real estate industry, time spent in the office chasing paperwork is taking away from time that could be spent prospecting, listing or closing other properties to bring in more commission. 

In fact, in a Realestate.com survey it was discovered that two thirds of agents surveyed found the process of exchanging agency agreements stressful. 68% of the agents surveyed attributed the stress they experienced in their work to the amount of time it takes to finalise contracts and pressure from all involved to do so quickly.

Whilst real estate agencies have been slow to digitally transform, with many systems entrenched in paper-based, manual processes, agencies who are leading the change for property transactions in the modern era of online communications have reaped the benefits.

So what can you do with all of that spare time freed up by using online document management systems? Completing agency, tenancy and leasing agreements faster means more time for servicing and attracting more clients. Or why not use the time to invest in personal development? Either way, your business will benefit from raising more revenue and keeping your clients happy by getting them into their new home faster.

Here at BeeSigned, we understand that client confidentiality and security surrounding personal information is of the number one priority for any real estate agency. With BeeSigned’s secure document storage and e-signature solutions, real estate agents can provide innovative services, producing a better experience for buyers, sellers and the broader stakeholder group. 

If you are a real estate agent looking to save time and money by sending and signing agreements online, speak to our Client Success Manager today about how BeeSigned can support your business in their digital transformation journey.