Industries that use eSignatures

Some of the key Industries that use BeeSigned and benefit from e-signatures.

Real estate forms and contractsReal Estate

The difference in a Real Estate Agent’s or Property Manager’s day would be immense with the sales and management of properties much faster and easier. If you were to use Electronic Signatures instead of delivering documents to clients directly, or waiting for post to arrive, or chasing people who have to print PDFs sent to them, it would add another level of convenience to you and your clients. Despite the growth of digital technologies, hand written signatures are still the norm in most agencies. BeeSigned has Real Estate E-Signature packages that work with both the technical and human elements of the transition to digital transactions. We’ll work with you to set up your forms and workflow and to implement and train your people so you can formalise agency and lease approvals and agreements in minutes with an online signature instead of emailing, posting and returning over days or weeks. And with the churn in staff and sales people, administration, control and visibility of your documents and users is a breeze. Processes commonly signed off on electronically include:

  • Leases
  • Sales contracts
  • Housing agreements
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Releases
  • Invoices
  • Changes / Alterations to Leases
  • Contractor job sign off such as property inspections, pest control and maintenance

Are Electronic Signatures Legal in Real Estate?
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Insurance forms and contractsInsurance

In such a competitive and time sensitive industry, completing forms using traditional pen and paper methods places you at risk of losing deals and clients. By adopting an e-signature process, an insurance agency can streamline its workflow and at the same time significantly increase customer satisfaction and document cycle time.

BeeSigned helps revenue growth by getting policies signed faster, reduces costs for staff time, shipping and paper. Policies and discovery documents documents are finalised quickly and your customers are more satisfied when they sign forms online.

It also reduces the administration hassle by ensuring automated reminders are sent to your clients if they have not completed forms. And when those forms are returned, they are then filed and sent to the right people automatically.

Your staff spend less time tracking down signatures and more time focusing on client advisory and sales activities.

Quality control and compliance are improved as BeeSigned has the option to create required fields, when signers have to fill out all part of the documents that you nominate before they can return it. This eliminates incomplete documents enormously.

  • Grow Revenue by Getting Policies Signed Faster
  • Reduce the Customer Churn Risk
  • Eliminate Workflow Barriers
  • Gain Visibility and Control of Forms Sent for Signing
  • Process Claims Quickly

Are Electronic Signatures Legal in the Insurance Industry?

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Touch to signAccounting and Financial Services

Standardise Your Forms

Standard documents, such as applications and privacy statements, can be set as business form templates in the system, allowing clients freedom to fill in blank fields and sign the forms online.

Speed up the Lending Process

Get loan documents completed faster. Complete the process with secure document signing that intelligently routes documents through to final approval.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Financial institutions can meet compliance requirements by controlling the signature process and ensuring all information remains secure and permanently stored. A secure, complete audit trail accompanies each document signed online.


BeeSigned’s first clients were in the Telco space. We understand the complex provisioning workflows, competitive sales environments, product and form complexity and the need to have simple systems for a constantly changing workforce.

In the Telecommunications space, particularly with licensed resellers, BeeSigned has been proven to:

  • Improve NPS
  • Increase sales using esignatures as part of your sales process
  • With a mobile workforce, increased speed of provisioning with orders sent back to base before sales people even leave the customer site
  • Increase ‘stickiness’ of contracts’ as customers are able to see the agreement and sign and send back – even while the consultant is on the phone
  • Improve compliance through signed, audited, tamper proof forms

Our reseller opportunities also open the door for additional revenue from sales of BeeSigned. Talk to us about how we can help open the door to additional sales and services to your clients.

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Schools and child careSchools and Child Care

Increase Enrollment Efficiencies

Drastically Reduce Printing Cost

Automatically Follow Up Parents and Carers

Get Enrollment Forms Signed Instantly

No More Lost Forms

With notices and forms going out to literally hundreds of families every week,  the cost savings for printing and the time spent arranging copies alone is enormous. Compare the cost of a few logins to the cost of managing the hard copy paperwork.

The Automatic Reminder feature works beautifully for volume users like Schools and Child Care Centres. You know how often you hope to catch that parent to sign a form while they drop their child off. The Automatic Reminder feature does that work for you.

Placing forms into children’s bags is a great idea, but we all know about the large percentage of forms that never make it home or back to you. The ability to send forms direct to your parents, then track whether they’ve actually opened them is a huge benefit.

Other industries include:

  • Healthcare

  • Mobile and On-Site Services

  • Government and Council

  • Transport and Logistics

  • Hospitality

  • Film and Television Production

  • Community and Not For Profits

  • Event Management