Departments that use eSignatures

Who can benefit from the use of eSignatures?

Here a just a few of the reasons why department managers love using BeeSigned.

Information Technology and TelecommunicationsHow IT departments use BeeSigned


Fully automate your procurement and fulfillment processes and forms. Create sign-offs for purchase orders, transfer of ownership, asset tracking, job tickets and more

Policy Management

Have employees electronically sign-off on IT policies and adhere to requirements, helping improve tracking and compliance.

Sales TeamsHow sales teams use BeeSigned

Realise Revenue Faster

Getting signatures on traditional paper sales orders can take days or even weeks, sometimes causing you to lose a sale completely. With electronic signature software, there’s no need for all signatories to be in the same place as the document can be signed online.

Close Deals Faster!

Automate your contracts and ordering to provide customers with a convenient, customised, electronic form they can sign online. Rather than spending time going through paperwork, your sales team can concentrate on building lasting relationships with your customers.

Sales Forms

Pre-set or create open fields to allow modification of orders and contracts with the right descriptions, terms, dates etc.

Improve Sales Rep Productivity

Automate the time-consuming process of following up on sales by scheduling automatic reminders and setting time limits on your electronic forms. Your reps can concentrate on selling instead of following up on missing paperwork.

Marketing and EventsMarketing and Events


Keep everyone informed by adding them to the workflow on contracts, marketing plans, briefs, event run sheets and programs.

Photos and Press Release Forms

Obtain signed release forms on the spot with e-signatures and routing approvals.

Event Registration

Register and sign attendance records at events.

Media Bookings

Sign media booking forms in minutes and reduce the hassle of these recurring forms.

Customer ServiceHow customer service departments use BeeSigned

Offer More Convenient Customer Service

Give customers the convenience of anywhere, anytime access when they sign forms, contracts or documents online.

Customer Account Provisioning

Route forms to the right internal people much faster, automatically triggering internal processes to fulfil orders, create a new customer profile or confirm agreements.

Partner Agreements

Streamline contracts for sales and distribution partnerships, reseller agreements and agents.

Human ResourcesHuman Resources and Recruitment


Have contractors and employees submit timesheets electronically from wherever they are

Employment Policies and NDAs

Distribute company policies and NDAs as they change or as new staff join. Keep employees up to date on changes to company policies and maintain compliance with signed policy forms, easily distributed and collected from anywhere.

Contractor Agreements

Contractors can access and e-sign agreements before their start date, allowing them to get straight to work

Performance Management

Obtain employee / manager co-signed performance management documents.

How legal departments use BeeSignedLegal Departments

Non-Disclosure Agreements and Contracts

Use pre-configured templates and workflow to quickly execute NDAs and contracts.

Contract Management

Distribute, store, share and search contracts complete with an audit trail. Through the BeeSigned reporting function, keep tabs on and better manage unsigned contracts.

Meeting and Board Minutes

E-sign meeting and board minutes and automatically send forms to all relevant parties.

How facilities managers use BeeSignedFacilities Management

Lease Agreements and Facilities Contracts

Standardise and automate execution of lease agreements and contracts.

Reception Sign In

Check in and register visitors, e-sign attendance records and Workplace Health and Safety induction forms.

Move In/Move Out Requests

Use electronic forms to handle employee and department move requests. Keep everyone informed with automated workflows and get electronic signatures for staff as they complete their part of the process.

Parking Permits and Passes

Obtain online signature for agreements related to parking permits and passes to employees, contractors and partners.

How product managers use BeeSignedProduct Management

Product Version Releases

Obtain sign off on product releases and see who has reviewed them to complete the process in full.

Requirements Acceptance

Simplify the process for all stakeholders by allowing them to easily provide electronic signatures on product requirements.

Workflow Communication

Ensure all those involved in a product release are kept informed through intelligently routing important documents directly to them.

How finance teams use BeeSignedFinance

Expense and Mileage Reporting

Employees can electronically sign PDFs, Word documents and other electronic forms for expense and mileage claims, increasing compliance and speeding up the process of expense reimbursement.

Policy Management

Employees can electronically acknowledge and e-sign company policies, reducing return time and allowing you to track compliance.

Human ResourcesEnvironmental Management and Sustainability

Automatically Communicate To Everyone Involved

Management of the environmental sectors often requires compliance, due diligence and reporting. Have all parties copied on on the correct communications with intelligent Automatic Workflow sharing and ensure all of your reports and compliance documents are held securely and indefinitely.

Track the Signing of Important Documents like Company Policies

Policies can be easily tracked and even reminders sent to signers of they haven’t completed the right documentation. You’ll know who has accessed what document, and can have BeeSigned automatically remind those who haven’t.

How procurement teams use BeeSignedProcurement

Speed Up Your Procurement Processes

Compared to the paper process of email, print, sign, scan and re-email, you’ll speed up the process enormously by getting online signatures in minutes.

Contracts and Agreements

Ensure contract compliance, execute processes faster and ensure document retention when you sign forms online.

Request for Quotation Managements

Manage RFQ processes with pre-set standard RFQ documents including contract terms and complete signatories and approvals.

Purchase Orders

Ensure compliance and quality by using shared templates with pre-set workflow routing.

How support teams use BeeSignedSupport

Account and Terms of Service Changes

Save time and improve the customer experience when acknowledging and accepting terms of service changes with an online signature.

Field Services

Collect e-signatures and other data such as codes, product details, site details, serial numbers and more during or after customer support visits. Automatically route the customer information back to anyone involved in customer support.

How project managers use BeeSignedProject Management

Change Management

Sign off on change management requirements and approvals.

Risk Management

Ensure understanding of and commitment to risk mitigation strategies with e-sign approval of the risk planning.

Work Breakdown Structure

E-Sign ownership of work tasks and route the breakdown to all relevant project members.

Scope Statements

Ensure everyone involved in determining the scope statement has signed off and given approval to the document.


Projects are known for overtime. Obtain electronic project member and management approval for overtime with HR and payroll routed into the workflow once the form has been completed.


Ensure regulatory compliance by securely storing signed documents online with a complete audit trail.