Organisations around the world are adopting e-signature technologies to digitise their paperwork related processes. The intuitive businesses who have made the transition to paperless processes are already witnessing the return on investment (ROI) for themselves, but there are still businesses who are yet to make the move. The reason being, key decision makers in any organisation, need more than just intuition when it comes to embracing a new way to do things. In other words, they need persuasive and compelling reasons to help them prioritise change.

The uncertainties faced by organisations when determining e-signature ROI is the most significant roadblock when it comes to adopting new technologies and remaining competitive. To clear the path ahead, let’s break down how e-signature adoption will increase competitiveness by reducing costs, developing better customer relationships, improving efficiency, and more.    

Lower costs

The direct savings include paper, fuel and shipping costs. The indirect savings include rekeying of data, time saved in waiting for documents to return and storage costs.

Better customer relationships

No matter who you’re asking for a signature, the speed and convenience that e-signatures give your customers can lead to increased satisfaction for both you and your business. Also, younger customers are now demanding ways of transacting online, so you’ll be meeting their requirements.

Increases in efficiency

Documents signed electronically save you time because you’re not waiting for the printer to warm up, or for the fax to go through, or for the signed documents to come back. Many of our customers get clients to sign forms while they are on site or even by talking them through it on the phone.

Increases in revenue

With the convenience of e-signatures, contract turnaround time is much faster. When you get the signature more quickly, you can also start getting paid more quickly.

Tracking of your document activity

Have you ever wondered, “Did he get it? Has she signed yet? Should I wait for my fax? Did it go through?” E-signatures can give let you see exactly what is happening with your papers.



If you’ve ever waited for your children to bring home documents from school, you’ll know how easily paper can be lost or damaged. Documents signed electronically are stored and safely backed up to the cloud, so they are accessible anywhere, any time.

Legal bindings

With a complete audit trail of the signed documents, you can have as much confidence in your documents’ legality as (if not more) than traditional pen-signed documents.


The speed of business is now faster than ever. E-signature services let you send, sign and track documents from anywhere, at any time. No need to be locked at the office anymore.

Documents in good order

Research shows that eliminating both the possibility for customers to fill in the wrong data and the need to rekey data can save businesses a tremendous amount of time and money.

Enhancements in professional stature

Sales professionals using e-signature technology position their business as leading-edge mobilised innovators.

Faster quote generations

Sending quotes as quickly as you can put you ahead of your competitors who are also very likely to be quoting your potential clients. Additionally, the faster you can generate quotes, the quicker you can close deals and generate more leads!

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