About BeeSigned

We create faster, more convenient, and secure transaction processes.

BeeSigned was designed to solve the document management and completion problems of a medium-sized business. The idea was to put their document signing and completion online so that it was faster, more convenient, secure and compliant.

Since then, we have developed to work across many industries, addressing many different types of document transactions. Our products and services have expanded to include:

  • Online forms with both public and secured access
  • Secure electronic document signing
  • Online payment gateways linked to forms
  • Form and data collection, storage and management
  • Client and stakeholder portals
  • Reporting and data analysis
  • Automated document and data workflow
  • Integration with cloud-based applications
  • Transaction activity audit trails
  • Document administration, permission management and reporting

We approach our product development and
client service with the following focus

  • Know what we are good at: We remove the complexity and create faster, more convenient transactions that involve people, documents, and data.
  • Test internally: We test our services against our business problems before we commercialise them.
  • Provide personal consultancy: We deliver direct service and advice to support our clients.
  • Build long-term client relationships: We promote staged introduction of new technologies and innovations that integrate and complement clients’ existing services.

Our Team

Craig Wallace

Founder and CEO

Stevie Peers


Sam Middler

Database Administrator

Thelma Lai


Tim Voeten

IT Manager

Michelle Gonzales

Customer Service Executive

Alex Culala

Project Coordinator

Shane Deragopian

Marketing Coordinator

We solve our own business problems with the products we sell, meaning we intimately know how our products work.

We know each customer has different requirements and are at their own stage of digital maturity. We try to lead our clients into new digital capability and develop and support solutions as they are ready to be successfully brought into the organisation.

Our Location

15 – 17 Millennium Circuit, Helensvale QLD 4212

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